Sheikh’s censuring

Hakeemul Ummat Hazrat Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi ra said:

“If a Sheikh censures a mureed, he starts making excuses. If attention is drawn to a fault he immediately begins to justify his actions.

By acting such he claims to be free from all deficiencies. What is the Sheikh going to do islah(reform) of then?

If he does not consider himself to be sick, then what is the need of a physician?

(The proper attitude is that) If Sheikh censures him, he should listen very attentively and try to understand the criticism. It is inappropriate to start justifying his mistake.

Even if it is not his mistake he is not at loss with this advice. At least, he gained some useful information. That is, even if he did not had the disease now he knows its treatment and can use it in future if need arises.

Moreover, mureed’s considering himself disease free is not reliable. Some times patient does not recognizes his own illness. An experienced physician after examination and laboratory tests makes the diagnosis, especially in the very early stages of the disease. The doctor insists on immediate treatment fearing imminent full blown disease. Having being informed of this vital fact the patient must comply with initiating the treatment right away. He must not confront the physician’s diagnosis, claiming to be completely healthy and disease free. ”

Waaz: Rahat-ul-quloob; Mawaiz e Ashrafiya volume 22, page 262