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Various acts of devotion to show our servitude

Praying qaza salah

A seeker wrote

One area that is going weak lately is making up the missed salats. Perhaps any goal in this regard would be helpful inshaAllah. Please make special dua for me in this regard.

Ashrafiya replied,
Yes. It is essential to complete the missed salah as soon as possible. Try to pray one qaza salah with each daily salah.

Substitute ishraq, awabeen and tahajud (four rakah between sunna and witr at esha) with qaza salah.

InshaAllah, it will be facilitated by Allah’s mercy.

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Reviewed and approved by sanadi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah protect & preserve him)

Expending for good causes

A seeker inquired,

Once you have earned a livelihood the next step is how to spend it. A portion is basic necessities. One should definitely make sure that no portion is spent on any outright haram activity.What portion of the leftover (after necessities and the not so necessary expenditures like better clothes, A/C, trip to Pakistan) should one donate? (Besides Zakat)

Ashrafiya replied,

Depends on your financial condition. 1/10th or 1/20th of the income should be allocated for good word (masaref e khair) and kept aside. Whenever there is an opportunity for good it can be spend.

Presents for the family, relatives, donations. etc. can be made from it.

Reviewed and approved by sanadi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah protect & preserve him)

Balance in reading

Alhamdulillah I got the Aasan Tarjumae Quran (MashaAllah what a beautiful print) and Ashrafus Sawaneh (the new computer composed edition). Besides this (I just can’t control myself at that bookstore mainly because the shipping cost of the books is so high, might as well get what I like) I got 9 volumes of Hazrat Hakeem ul Ummah RA’s khutbaat (selected topics) and first 10 volumes of Hazrat RA’s Malfoozats. A few books by Hazrat Abdul Hai Aarifi RA (Ma’asir-e-Hakeem ul ummah), Hazrat Hakeem Akhtar db and Hazrat Mufti Shafi RA (Majalis-e-Hakeem ul Ummah and Makateeb e Hakeem ul ummah).

Ashrafiya replied,

Books by all of our akabir are very beneficial. However, one has to exercise balance by giving priority to the essentials and making sure that other wajib activities are not affected by it.

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Reviewed and approved by sanadi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah protect & preserve him)

Mamoolaat during travel

A seeker wrote,

I wish to inquire about the Mamoolat during travel. Alhamdulilllah I did not miss any salat during the 2 days but couldn’t keep up with the Mamoolat. The days were so tightly scheduled (had to drive ~1000kms on one of the days), couldn’t find the time. Alhamdulillah I did listen to our Hazrat db’s islahi khutbaat while driving. inshaAllah In a couple of weeks I am going with my family on a road trip (2 weeks long ,1000kms) All of the days will have a lot of driving/hiking/sight seeing etc. involved.

Ashrafiya replied,

It is fine to decrease the quantity of mamoolat during travel. The degree of decrease depends on your time constraints, etc. When really very busy I decrease them to half or one third.

Leaving them completely is not advisable. It is usually detrimental to do so spiritually.

The best things is to do the tasbihats while driving.

Recite surah ikhlas 50 or 100 times instead of tilawet. (Keeping a regular or electronic tasbih handy is very useful.)

Read a page or two of munajat e maqbool if easily possible.

Listening to the lectures will substitute for the reading.

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Reviewed and approved by sanadi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah protect & preserve him)

The timing of daily mamoolaat

A seeker inquired,

Should I do the daily mamoolat spread over the day? I try to do them first thing in the morning so that I don’t miss them.

Ashrafiya replied,

The best is to do them first thing is the morning. Spreading them over a day can be done in special circumstances, like travelling etc.

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Nuqus o kamal

A seeker wrote,

Alhamdulillah the I am trying to act on the Faraidh and Mamoolat. Waise sacchi baat tau ye he ke band eke a’amaal intihai naqis hain, Allah SWT ma’af farmaaen.

Ashrafiya replied,

MashaAllah. apnay a’mal kay nuqus ka ahsas kamal aur kamyabi ki tarf safar ki a’lamet hay. Jaisa bun pa raha hay us pay shukr aur kotahi par istegfar kartey rahna hay.

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Reviewed and approved by sanadi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah protect & preserve him)

Khushu in Salah

A seeker wrote,
– I try to focus on the words and meanings in Salah but the train of thought derails very frequently. Please recommend something in this regard.

Ashrafiya replied,

No problem at all.
Invoulantary derailment does not cause damage to khushu.
Whenever, you recognize the derailment come back on the track.
InshaAllah, with persisitence and practice the frequency of this will decrease.

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Reviewed and approved by sanadi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah protect & preserve him)

How not to miss Fajr?

A seeker wrote,

– Fajr salah is going very weak, may Allah forgive me. I haven’t prayed with Jamah in ages and even at home I am missing some of them in the past 2 weeks. One thing or the other delays going to bed and even though I put an alarm, sometimes I just can’t wake up in time. I should make more effort to correct this laziness (“susti”). Yes something needs to be done for this right away.

Ashrafiya replied,

Praying fajr on time is essential. Moreover, eventually one has to aim for tahajjud prior to fajr.

Read thoroughly the book: Namaz e fajr aur hamari kotahi, on this topic. Then do the following,

1. Go to sleep early.

2.Eat dinner early.

3. Make dua prior to going to sleep for waking up at fajr

4. Make a firm determination. Tell yourself in a audible voice to wake up at ____am

5. Recite the last 4 ayah of sura kahaf (18th sura)

6. Set two or three alarms. (I usually use 2- 3 alarms on my mobile phone and one on a clock kept at a far distance from the bed, so I have to get up and switch it off.)

7. Ask a family member or a friend who gets up regularly to wake you up or call you to do so.

8. Even after these measures if salah is missed then skip breakfast for that day. (Only take tea, coffee or milk)

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Reviewed and approved by sanadi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah protect & preserve him)

Postpone Tablighi excursion

A novice seeker wrote,

I would like to seek for permission for Tablighi Jama’at activity.

Ashrafiya replied,

For time being postpone this for a while.

It is essential to firmly root yourself in the daily ma’moolat, reading, islah,etc. before you proceed to activities that are going to change your routine drastically.

Do assist them (nusrat) for few hours and sit in their bookreading sessions (ta’leem only. Not lectures) for the time being.

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Quality Family Time

The following is in response to a novice seeker’s many religious daily activities.


It is great to know about your activities. They are all fine.

However, I want to stress the importance of giving daily quality time to your spouse, daughter, parents and other very close relatives. This is essential and more beneficial then all other nafil activities.

Also, it must be clear that the knowledge of religion that you require for daily practice is essential and a must. Beyond this religious education is not for all. It is for scholars. For lay people like me it is more necessary to be involved in my own islah.

Also, a general advice akabir give to novice in religion is that,

“Walk slow and steady. Do not rush and run.”

Otherwise soon the enthusiasm will be over and a ‘burnt out state’ will come.
It is for this reason having a Shaykh is essential. He directs and tells how much to do

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Abū Bakr al-Kattānī (Allah have mercy on him) said, “were it not that recollection of Him was required of me as a religious duty, I could not mention Him out of awe for Him. How can one like me recollect Him without washing out his mouth a thousand times as a required penance, so great is His recollection and so awesome His name!

The Principles of Tasawwuf, p 83

Chishti dhikr

I read about the zikr of the chishti tareeqa i.e. the dowazdah tasbeeh. I have doubts in my mind regarding this. The thought comes to my mind that this is not established by sunnah. I have tried to read many books to clarify this but am not satisfied yet. Although I am ashamed to even think about the likes of Hakeem ul ummah RA or Mufti Taqi Usmani DB involved in any bidah. But I guess the very non-sufi environment that I have been in, gives me these doubts. Any clarification regarding this would be sincerely appreciated. Please forgive me if I offended with this question.

Ashrafiya replied,

There is no offence at all in asking this question.

However, there is a misunderstanding that needs to be clarified.

That is, every one acknowledges that dowazadeh tashib is not a masnun zikr, but it is a prelude or an excercise to develop interest, concentration and sincerity in the real zikr. This is by experience of the past mashaykh. Just like the physicians treating with different medicine. Sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammed Taqi Usmani (Allah protect & preserve him) tells us that, ‘is is medicine’, ‘you do not need a proof from Quran and hadith to use Tylenol for headche’,.

Similarly the sufic zikr is a medicine.This is clarified to each and every murid at the time of instruction of this tasbih. Not all murid or talibs are instructed to do it.

Also, the daily masnun tasbihat are in addition to this zikr.

I hope it is a bit clearer now.

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Safety from Hypocrisy

Our master Muʿādh ibn Jabal (God be pleased with him) said,

“An act requires four things to be safe from hypocrisy:

-knowledge before beginning it,

-proper intention at its start,

-patience during it, and

-sincerity at its conclusion.”

The Principles of Tasawwuf (A Ba’yuniah ra), p53

Acknowledge mistake and make correction

A spiritual aspirant wrote:
“I try to perform the fardh salah and mostly with jamat Allhamdullilah. However, sometime I miss the jamat or qadah salah and then I try to perform that as soon as possible. The question is in such case, I feel bad for a very short moment and then move on to other things very quickly. I believe the lose is much more than feeling bad for a very short time. Should I do something specific at such time? Please advise.”

Shaykh (Allah SWT preserve him and allow us to benefit from him abundantly. Ameen) response:
“It fine to acknowledge the mistake, make correction and move on. Holding on to a loss and grieving for long duration are distraction. Each moment has a right that needs to be fulfilled. It will be wasting another moment for a past loss. Be reassured.”

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