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  1. 'abd Post author

    A brother from India writes:

    “My some thoughts:
    I sometimes think that Listening Mufti Sahabs Bayant recording produces such taqwa and kaifiyat…What would be the effect on those who spend ramadan with him, Undoubtably you are very much blessed with this great blessing, When he was in india and especially in Deoband he himself admitted that i travel around the world and deliver the lectures but in my whole life i never found it difficult to speak a i am feeling now …just because of love and respect indians showed toward him…
    Most distinguishing feature of him as i see (with my blurred vision) is finaiyat…I have seen several mashaikh who praise their silsilas and shuyukhs,but never heard mufti sahab saying such things about silsila or anything else {I remember the quote of shah dehalvi in talimudeen “who say don’t sit in company of one who says our silsila is better than others”… }strictest adherence to Shariat and sunnat and keeping everything below it. this is possible to a Kamil only..May Allah preserve Him…Every indian even he has not seen him has great love and respect for him and you find his books “Islahi khutbat” in nearly every deendar house…He has so wide acceptance all over the world that is not imaginable…’

    May Allah SWT give us the tawifiq to benefit from him a lot. Amin!

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