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حضرت تھانوی قدس سرہ کا انداز تربیت اور تقوی کا حصول

سیدی و سندی حضرت مولانا مفتی محمد تقی عثمانی صاحب مدظلھم العالی


حضرت تھانوی قدس سرہ کا انداز تربیت اور تقوی کا حصول

آوڈیو کتاب : شریعت و طریقت


شریعت و طریقت

حضرت حکیم الامت مولانا اشرف علی تھانوی قدس اللہ سرہ


رمضان المبارك ١٤٣٢ بیان :١

سیدی و سندی حضرت مولانا مفتی محمد تقی عثمانی صاحب مدظلھم العالی


رمضان المبارك ١٤٣٢ بیان :١

Sufi sama’

Shaikh Fakhruddin Zarradi a senior khalifa of Mehboob e Ilahi Shaikh Nizamuddin Dehlawi (Allah have mercy on them, d. 725Hijri/1325CE) writes,

‘Few of the spiritually overwhelmed (maglub) Shuyukh may have listened to the audition (sama’) accompanied with musical instruments in their state of overpowering desire (shauq). However, our mashaikh (may Allah be pleased with them) are free of this. It is an allegation. Their audition was purely vocal rendition of verses by a reciter (qawwal) describing the perfections of Allah’s creation.’

Usool e sama’, page 21-2

The bane of media outlets!

Arif-billah Dr Abdul Hayy ‘Arifi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘The biggest bane of the present society, (which are described to be beneficial by some, however, I consider them to be totally corrupt) are the mass media outlets. These include television, radio and newspaper.  They corrupt the morals. They have deteriorated our (humanely) condition, and made us infamous and disreputable.

They broadcast purposeless, paltry, heresy and iconoclastic things. These broadcasting results in the death of humaneness, honor of the human beings and our Islamic faith.

For the sake of God abstain from them!

Do not make an excuse that these can be used for broadcasting good. This a lame pretense. Show me where are they being used to spread good?’

Majalis e Arifi, audio set, CD#1, first waaz. Idara e Eshaat e Islam, Karachi, Pakistan

There are various reasons for the above statement.  They include: The repeated reading or viewing of reports of crime, devious, irrelevant, irreligious, and anti-Islamic things make an individual insensitive of their gravity.

The level of hatred towards sins is diminished.

The chances of being involved in sins which are a ‘norm’ in society increases.

The value of utilizing time effectively is distorted.

The spiritual darkness that accompanies such things makes it difficult to initiate and sustain good works. Etc.

(Irresponsible use of Internet, especially purposeless surfing, should be included in this.)