Methodology of Tasawwuf

Having acknowledged the significance of Tasawwuf in Islam, the endeavor is to practice and live it in our every day life.

At this stage two things are essential;

A. Repentance (taubah)

B. Need of the sheikh/guide/spiritual mentor.

A. Repentance:

It has 2 components;

1. General Repentance:
Here the individual acknowleges all his past sins, mistakes & shortcomings and repents. He leaves these transgressions all together, feels ashamed of disobeying his Lord and makes a solemn determination of not committing them ever again.

2. Comprehensive Repentance:
In here he takes account of his life in details.
If he has missed any salah, fasts, zakah or hajj, he starts remaking them.
If he has financial dues pending, loans, material or money he was not legally entitled to recieve, he repays them. Or acknowleges his mistake and ask forgiveness from the concerned authority.
If he had hurt others by his speech or actions he ask their forgiveness.

This repentance is very, very essential to gain Allah swt’s pleasure and acceptance.
If it is not completed thoroughly all other future efforts are wasted.

One needs the determination for this repentance.
It requires having the resolution to bear all the difficulties (physical or financial) or worldly loss or public disregard that may come in doing so. If he does not have this determination it is evident that he is not looking for Allah swt’s pleasure. Hence, he is not a genuine Seeker.
Allahuma hafizna (we seek Allah swt’s refuge from this).


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