Islahi/Self-improvement correspondence!

Sheikh for self-improvement is a corner stone in Ashrafi path(tareeq).

Islahi Makatebat/ correspondence with the

Letters (emails) should be written at regular intervals (usually once a month).

They should include details regarding ones spiritual condition.
That is,
– If all the faraiz, wajibat and sunnah are being carried out as prescribed by Shariah. For example, is one unable to perform Fajer salah at time with jam’ah?
– Are the acts pending for completion of taubah (repentance) being fulfilled accordingly, e.g. qaza salah/zikat/saum being done.
– Is one performing the zikr & tasbehats prescribed
– Most importantly details regarding the m’amlats/social interaction. Especially where one notices that a blame worthy moral traits was a driving force or one lacked the praise worthy moral trait. For example, being envy (having hasad) when seeing brother-in-laws new Lexus car.
– Informing about one’s over-whelming or troublesome thoughts
– Requesting dua.
– Informing about any extra ordinary dream (seldom done).

This is the rabitah-e-Sheikh/Getting connected with Sheikh. Without it taking ba’iyet & traversing the sulook is just a dream.

This is the Ashrafi Khanqah/Zawiya!

wa taufiqi ilabillah!