Islam is Life!

Sidi wa sanadi Hazrat Moulana Mohammad Taqi Usmani db told us;

An apparently religious person informed me about his son. He bragged how intelligent and high achiever his son was. He enumerated the scholarship, awards and recommendations he had received. Telling in detail how he was offered a job in one of the top most US companies. How well pleased they were with his performance and what big benefits he was reaping there. He finally ended all this by saying, “the only setback is that with all these achievements he has become a little-bit un-Islamic in his daily life.” As if this was a minor thing.

This reminded me of an incident when all of a sudden a healthy person had died. People not sure of what was going on called the local physician to examine him and diagnose the problem. The ‘learned doctor’ thoroughly examined the person and commented, “my dear friends this person’s muscle, bones, eyes, ears, skin, tongue and every other body organ is in superb condition. But the only problem is that his soul has departed.”

Similar is the condition when worldly gains make one a non-practicing Muslim.He is dead!

He needs the service of a “Messiah”, who can bring back the dead. The Sheikh!