Sidi wa sanadi Hazrat Moulana Mohammad Taqi Usmani sahib db said;

“These worldly goods, wealth, property and resourses are not duyna, per se. But, everything which causes you to be forgetful of Allah swt’s command and commit sin is dunya (blameworthy worldly).”
Islahi Majalis pg193/vol4

One has to get rid of this dunya to attain any t’aluq with Allah swt. As it has been mentioned in hadith, ‘the love of dunya is the source of all sins.’

To treat this disease effectively one has to undergo therapy under the supervision of a Sheikh.

The Sheikh usually advices the mureed to actively reflect about the temporality of this life, the everlasting life to come, death, conditions leading to it, the state of a sinner in the grave, the accountability to the angels Munkar & Nakeer, the situation of standing before the Allah swt and answering His questions on the day of jugment and the hell-fire. This is to be done daily for 3-5 minutes. After doing this for a while one has to get back to Sheikh, especially if one notices persistence of this dunya in his/her actions, so that the therapy may be maximized etc.

May Allah swt save us all from this reprehensible dunya. Ameen.