Signs of Spiritual Puberty

Arifbillah Hazrat Dr. Abdul Hayy Arifi ra said:

The signs of attaining spiritual maturity/puberty are;
-All actions are done purely for the pleasure of Allah swt
-Having tasleem (total surrender to the commands of Shariah) and raza (whole hearted acceptance of Allah swt’s decisions).
-If a mistake is committed, one humbly repents immediately and makes amendments
-Being incessantly motivated for all of this
-When the capabilities of heart will be rectified and the state of the spirit are eventually developed, at that time automatically an urge of compassion and kindheartedness arises. That is, one considers that this information I became aware of is very good and beneficial, if I pass it on to someone it will be excellent. This instinctive feeling or urge tells that this is the time of spiritual puberty.

Malfoozate Arifi ra 165