Neither Scholars nor gnostics. We want to be sincere lovers of Allah SWT

Arif billah Hazrat Dr. Abdul-Hayy Arifi ra said:

Shaytan has three ‘ع’ (the Arabic letter ‘ain ).
Meaning that;
1. He is a devout worshipper (‘abid/ عابد ) [prayed for thousands of years prior to slipping]
2. He is a tremendous scholar (‘alim/ عالم ) [Former teacher/instructor of other angles]
3. He is a great Gnostic (‘arif/عارف) [Evident by his attitude at the time of Allah SWT’s wrath. He knew that if he makes a request even at this moment of fall it will be accepted.]

But he lacks the fourth ‘ain ع’. That is, he is not a true lover (عاشق). If he had been a true lover he would have surely prostrated (to Hazrat Adam alehes salaam, on Allah SWT’s order without any reservations. For lover does as the Beloved commands!)

Brothers! We neither want to be mere worshippers nor only Gnostics.
We only want to be sincere lovers.

We want to be true lovers; because it is due to this that our bond and relationship with Allah SWT can never be cut off.

And for this, Allah SWT has told us to follow the example of His beloved messenger salallaho alehey wa ‘alehi wasalam. For whoever follows his noble example he becomes Allah SWT’s beloved.

(Malfoozat e Arifi ra 178)