Testing our Ikhlaq

Arif-billah Hazrat Dr. Abdul-Hayy Arifi ra said:

” Develop a habit of examining yourself.
How is my worship (‘ibadat)?
How are my dealings (muamlat)?
How is my ikhlaq (morals/behavioral characteristics)?

And to test the ikhlaq (morals/behavior) take a ride in one of the public buses in Karachi (notorious for being overcrowded with less educated & emotionaly frustrated people). You will find out the reality, where do you stand?.”

Sukoon-e-qalb 47

It is under stressful condition that the praise-worthy and blame worthy moral characteristic, (that are: patience, humility, giving preference to others, love & sympathy, etc. and anger, envy, arrogance, etc.) are shown in one’s behavior. Under normal circumstances most of us act and consider ourselves to be the perfect model of good morals. But the our reality will appear when others are rude and obnoxious, they do not give us the ‘status’ we deserve and ignore us.

The emotions which emerge in these circumstances show our reality. And if we act on the commands of these emotions, it shows the extent of the diseased heart we have!

These are the things to be reported to the Sheikh. He after diagnosing the problem will advice a treatment. We use the therapy and then report back to him again for the sucess or failure of treatment.
This is the real Tasawwuf and Peeri-mureedi.