Whole Deen, Not Partial Deen

Sidi wa sanadi Hazrat Moulana Mohammad Taqi Usmani sahib (Allah SWT preserve him & allow us to benefit from him abundantly. Ameen) has repeatedly told us that:

Deen has 5 major sections. They are:
Aqaid (beliefs)
Ibadaat (worship)
Ma’amlaat (mutual dealings)
Ma’ashrat (social etiquettes)
Ikhlaq (morals)

We have to follow the teachings of Shariah regarding them all simultaneously.

It is grossly erroneous to pick things that are easy and of our liking, while disregarding and discarding the others. This is especially so for the individuals involved in their islah.

Deen is not the name of following one’s desire and wishes”.

Look around! A young individual when he turns to deen he wants to become an alim (religious scholar). In his zeal and ‘seemingly religious calling’ he disregards his parents’ genuine wishes and permission to do so. This is NOT deen. This is fulfilling one’s desire. It is nafs and shaytan’s deception.

Being a good devout practicing Muslim does not call one to be a certified full-fledged scholar.

How can one gain pleasure of Allah SWT by disobeying parents?

The example of Hazrat Owais Qarni radhiAllahu anhu is there for us. Only to take care of his mother he abandoned the most prestigious honor a Muslim can imagine. That is, being a Sahabi (companion) of our master Prophet salallaho alehey wasalam. But as it was for a genuine reason, see how Allah SWT compensated for it. Our master Prophet salallaho alehey wasalam instructed Hazrat Umar Farooq radhiAllahu anhu and other companions to request for dua from Hazrat Owais Qarni radhiAllahu anhu when they meet him. Allahu akbar!

Similarly, people get involved in zikr, muraqabat and ashgals of Tasawwuf and consider them to be deen and ignore the rest of the sections of Shariah. Others get engrossed in tabligh and become so avid lovers of seh-roza/chillah and ghast that their job (a source of halal income), family and other relationships and commitments are all neglected.

Again. Deen is not the name of following one’s desires. It is the name of following the commandments of Shariah at each and every moment of one’s life.

The beauty of our pious elders and their true successors is to maintain a fine balance in all these sections of deen. Making Shariah their guide in all the matters of daily life. Not their emotional, personal desires or wishes.

wa ma taufiqi ila billah!