What to tell the Shaykh?

Hakeemul Ummat Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi ra’s very special khalifa Moulana Shah Wasiullah ra said:

I do not look for how many raka’t of tahajjud you pray?
I am looking for how many of your blame worthy moral traits have been successfully treated.

People keep telling me regarding their virtuous acts.
As for the the blame worthy moral traits they acquire the following attitude:

وہ الگ باندھ کر رکھا ہےجو مال اچھا ہے
(The real stuff I have kept separately hidden)

Meaning they never mention any thing regarding these filthy moral traits, hypocritical attitudes (acting to be pious but in reality not being so ) and improper trust (on Shaykh. That is, hiding things from him).
Whereas, these are the very thing I need information about.
Because, your relationship with me is for islah (reformation). And islah (reformation) is done of these blame worthy moral characteristics. Hence, it is most beneficial to inform me regarding them.

Nevertheless, you mashaAllah, may also have few virtuous qualities. This is very good. But even if you do not mention them to me what will you lose. Indeed, hearing good things regarding you will make me happy and motivate me to make (special) dua for you. But remember this part is a secondary thing and not the original aim and objective (of islahi ta’luq).

Halat-e-muslihul Ummat page 310-11