Challenging the aspirant

A young gentleman approached Sayyidi wa sanadi Hazrat Moulana Mohammad Taqi Usmani sahib (may Allah SWT preserve him and allow us to benefit from him abundantly.Ameen!) and requested to be accepted as a mureed to establish the islahi ta’aluq (relationship for self reformation).

Hazrat db replied, “I am the most destitute in these matters. There are many other proficient people in the Darul Uloom (Karachi) to be taken as a Sheikh. Please, approach them.”

The aspirant was not disappointed by this tawadhu’ (humility) and politely insisted on his requested.

Hazrat db eventually told him to attend the weekly majlis (gathering) for the spiritual aspirants regularly.

It is quite common and appropriate to test the genuineness of the aspirant’s desire by our Shuyukh.

This is to ascertain their sincerity and commitment for taking the tareeq (path).