Please, guide me!

Where do I stand?

Take heed!
Mere lip service does not help.
It is the actions according to the commands of Allah SWT & His beloved prophet salallaho alehey wa alehey wasalam that count.

Take a moment to reflect!
How are my beliefs?
What deficiencies exist in my worship?
How much unIslamic behavior is exhibited in my social dealings?
What about my day to day dealings with fellow Muslims?
What about my irreligious home & family environment?

Remember, we have to fulfill the commands of all the five subdivisions of Shariah to be a Muslim.That are;
1. Aqaid/beliefs
2. ‘Ibadaat/Worship
3. Ma’asherat/Social etiquettes
4. Ma’amlaat/Mutual dealings
5. Ikhlaq/Moral etiquettes

Surely I will find huge mitakes, large gaps and open disobedience.
For slavation take the next step.

Sit down before Allah SWT by yourself.
Tell Him your plight.
These gross deficiencies and blatant negligence you commit.
Acknowledge them.
Show Him your pathetic condition and how much in need of His guidance you are.
Ask His help!
Cry, supplicate, request and beseech like a child requesting for a fancy toy.
If not possible genuinely, then be an actor.
Tell Him that you want to change.
And without His help you do not have the courage, means and strength to do so.

Do your part, at least.

Leave the rest and results to Allah SWT.

It is impossible if some one does so and is not guided!

(Theme from Arif Billah Dr. Abdul Hayy Arifi ra’s malfuzat)