Diagnosis of blame worthy moral trait

An aspirant wrote:

In the last weekly majlis (suhba) you spoke regarding hubb-e-jah (love of status & fame). I have this disease. I have started the treatment you had prescribed (to get rid of it).

Sayyidi wa sanadi Hazrat Moualan Mohammad Taqi Usmani sahib (Allah SWT preserve him and allow us to benefit from him abundantly. Ameen!) replied;

“How did you make this diagnosis yourself?
What are those specific things that you have thought to be of hubb-e-jah in yourself?”

Islahi khutoot


This is a common mistake!
Only the Sheikh can make the diagnosis.
Mureed has to inform him about the signs and symptoms which are suspicious.
That are, the incidents involving specific behavioral and diseased thought processes which might be a manifestation of a blame worthy moral trait.
Based on these occurrences Sheikh makes the decision and prescribes a treatment.