The Noor

Hakeemul Ummat Hazrat Moulana Shah Ashraf Ali Thanvi ra said:

“There is a special blessing (barakh) in virtuous deeds. They produce a noor (illumination) in the heart. This is the same noor (illumination) for which the Prophet of Allah salallaho alehey wa alehi wasalam requested and prayed for at the time of tahajjud (referring to the famous dua recited at that time).

The characteristic of the noor (illumination) is that it is self evident and makes other realities also evident. It is itself manifest and makes possible the recognition of other facts.

Development of this noor in a heart causes all darkness (zulmat) to run away.

What kinds of darkness?

The darkness of laziness.

The darkness of being happy on enemy’s misfortune (keynah) and envy (hasad).

The darkness of arrogance (kibir).

The darkness of anger.

(In summary every) all darkness that are result of sins/transgressions.

And it (the noor) nurtures freshness, brilliance, radiance and comfort in one’s heart.”

Discourse:As Sharia pg 10/taken from: Islahul Muslimeen 39


It is time of introspection after Ramadhan.

Where do I stand?