Turning to Allah SWT: The creeps

I do not feel it is the right time for me to become religious!

I appreciate its importance and inshaAllah, some day I will commit to a religious way of life and develop islahi-ta’luq (relationship for self reformation) with a Sheikh.

But not now!

I am too much into dunya (worldly affairs).
I do not feel ready to give up music, illicit relationships, immoral internet sites, opposite sex friends, interest bearing loans, etc.

Hakeemul Ummat Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi ra gives an example of such scenario: This is like an individual standing on the banks of a river.

Both of his hands are soiled with filth.
He wants to clean them but is hesitant to wash them in this pristine water.
He thinks of the filth on his hand and purity of the river: ‘First I should clean them and then rinse them in this sparkling water. Otherwise I will contaminate it.’

It is a huge mistake.
There no other easy way of cleaning those dirty hands except to plunge them in the same water.

Irrespective of our abysmal condition, the only cure is to take that bold decision.
Become religious in the true sense.


Develop a relationship with a spiritual mentor (Sheikh).

The illuminations (noor) of good deeds will, inshaAllah, expel the darkness of sins by itself.

wa ma taufiqi illa billah