The Real Humility

Hakeemul Ummat Hazrat Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi ra,
a Hafiz e Quran, a scholar ( ‘alim, mufassir, muhaddith & mufti)
the author of 1079 publications,
Sheikh to thousands of seekers,
said while addressing a gathering of mureedeen during the month of Ramadhan:

“Believe me!
I am in the state of fasting (i.e to stress the truth of my words).
And I swear to it ( to emphasize my point).
I consider myself neither to be superior to any fellow Muslim right now and as a matter of fact, (i.e. because superiority is for those who are close to Allah SWT. And this is a secret matter.)
nor to any infidel eventually and as an assumption (as he may accept Islam, excel in good deeds and leaving me behind. Whereas I due to my wrong doings fall in to disbelief).”

Where do I stand?