It is not fardh or wajib!

A common statement we hear every day when discussing Islamic rulings regarding an issue.

However, without any doubt and difference between the fuqha (shariah jurist) the matter may be a confirmed Sunnah.

Belittling a Sunnah is not a simple thing.
Ignoring it causes loss of great barakah & blessing. Whereas denying its importance or makeing fun of it may be equivalent to disbelief!

Mufti e azam Pakistan Mufti Mohammad Shafi’i ra khalifa of Hazrat Hakeemul Ummat ra said;
“There are numerous minor (sagerah) sins. All actions performed against the Sunnah method are minor (sagerah) sins.For example, one drinks water without reciting ‘bismillah’, this is a minor sin. Also, if one eats or drinks using the left hand, this is a minor sin.”(Majalis Mufti-e-azam Albalagh J1,1410 pg 294)

It is even more astonishing to hear such arguments from ‘traditional sunni’ spiritual aspirants. Especially from Hazrat Hakeemul Ummat ra silsila’s affiliates.

Hazrat Thanwi quddus sirrahu said that in our tareeq (path) the goal is achieved comparatively quickly. The reason being the extraordinary emphasis laid on following the Sunnah of Allah’s beloved prophet sallalaho alehey wa alehi wasalam. This makes the achievement of goal by jazb (Divine attraction/pull) rather than sulook (personal effort and toil).

As it is said in the holy Quran;
(O Prophet!) Tell (them) that if you want to love Allah (swt), then you should follow me. (By this) Allah swt will love you and forgive all your sins. Indeed! Allah swt is all forgiving and merciful. (3:31)

Our understanding of these terms: fardh, wajib, sunnah & mustaheb needs to be re-evaluated.

Most of us sort out actions according to these categories and stick to the faradh & wajib only.
We consider sunnah & mustaheb to be optional choice reserved for the committed elite.

This is totally against the Ahl-us-Sunnah methodology.
The classification of actions by the fuqaha as Faradh, Wajib, Sunnah and mustaheb is a late development in the Islamic fiqh history. These terms were not used during the period of Sahaba and the ta’baeen. They just copied the actions as done by the Prophet salalaho alehey wa alehei wasalam (that is the way of Sunnah).

Kisi ko dekhtey rehna namaz thi meri

However, with passage of time a system evolved to assess the acceptability of actions tainted by omission or negligence. That is, to ascertain if these deficient actions are valid or they have to be repeated. It is then that the fuqaha developed this nomenclature. They never meant to propagate the bare essential compulsory acts, disregarding & discarding the Sunnah.

We need to correct this concept and correct our actions accordingly.

A sunni can never belittle any Sunnah.