The Real Humility

It was Friday.

Hakeemul Ummat Mawlaan Asharaf Ali Thanavi ra came to deliver the khutba and lead the prayers.

He was dressed in his usual clothes, kurta and pyjama (shirt and pant).

An elderly gentlman, who was a new comer approached Hazrat ra and inquired,
“Hazrat why didn’t you put on a ‘abaya (jubba)!

Hazrat ra replied, “‘abaya is the clothing for higher-ranking people”.

“Aren’t you one of them?” asked the gentleman.

Hakeemul Ummat ra spontaneously replied, “How can I be of the elite people?
Not even one of the khuluq (praise worthy/blame worthy morals characteristic) have I been able to rectify.”

Ma’arfiat e Illahiya page 318