Informing Sheikh: Everything!

Hakeemul Ummat Hazrat Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi ra said, while highlighting the necessity of informing the Shiekh of one’s conditions:

“Even if you were to start a new worldly task ask the Shiekh regarding it.

That is, ask him, will it be deleterious for my spirituality?

For example, I want to do this business. Is it appropriate or not? Do not ask this to ascertain that this endeavor will be financially profitable or not. As though Sheikh will consult Allah SWT and tell you definitely. Do not ask for this reason. This is a dirty intention.

Ask him I want to do this specific business. Will it be an obstacle for my spiritual path? I want to be transferred to that specific position, or I want to study secular sciences or medicine would these be deleterious for my spirituality.

These are the things to be inquired from the Sheikh.

Now days the state of affairs (of mureed) is to do what ever he wishes. Without informing the Sheikh, to the extent that it may destroy his spirituality completely.

And they (mureed) say that these are our worldly matters what is the need of informing the Sheikh of these.

In reality these things have a great impact on one’s spirituality.

Therefore, it is essential to inform and consult the Sheikh in advance whenever starting any new worldly venture.

This is the method of islah (self-reformation). ”

Waaz: Rahat-ul-quloob; Mawaiz e Ashrafiya volume 22, page 263-4