The Companionship to be avoided

Hakeemul Ummat Hazrat Mawlana Shah Ashraf Ali Thanawi ra said;

In his last will Hazrat Shah Waliullah sahib (Muhadith Dehlawi) ra advised to avoid the companionship of the following:

1. Wealthy people, without a genuine religious reason

2. Ignorant Sufis

3. Unenlightened ‘abid (devout worshipper)

4. Dry/impersonal scholars and ascetics

5. Individuals who hold a grudge against the Hadith & Fiqh scholars.

6. Individuals who are excessively involved in ilm-kalam (scholastic theology) and maqool (logic).

Taleem ud Deen, page 135, Taj Co. edition. (An essential reading in Nisab e Tasawwuf)