What is Dunya?

A young Islamic finance professional inquired that the engrossment in his business work sometimes makes him think that if this the ‘dunya’ (worldly involvement) that has been despised in Quran and hadith.

Sayyidi wa sanadi Hazrat Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani sahib db replied;

“Our worldly involvement can not be the despised ‘dunya’ if two criteria are met;

Firstly, the intention must be correct. That is, for example to earn a lawful living, or facilitate work/life for others, etc.

Secondly, the method used to carry it out must be right. That is, it must not be not against the teachings of Shariah.

If these two things are met then this business and worldly involvement is pure deen (religion).”

29th July 2006, Hazrat db’s office, before zuhar