Chishti Zikir/Jahar & Zarb

Instructing an individual regarding how to do zikir of “duwazdah tasbeeh”, Sayyidi wa sanadi Hazrat Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani sahib db said;

“It is essential to remember that soundless zikir is superior.

Audible zikir (jahari) is permissible but it is neither superior nor Sunnah nor mustaheb.

The Chishti shuyukh (Allah SWT have mercy on them) have by their experience used jahar (audible voice) and zarb (stroke by movement of head & neck and voice) in zikir as a form of treatment.

This form of zikir is swift in effectiveness, as experience has shown.

Also, the jahar and zarb leads to increased concentration and interest in zikir.”

Wednesday, 14th Zil-hajj 1411/27th June 1991, Office.