Birth of a Daughter!

Bint e Mohtarem wa mukarrem MRK saheb zayed majdahu

(Born 27th Rajab 1427/23rd August 2006)

Hazrat Mufti Mohammad Shafii’ saheb ra writes:

“A Muslim should express more joy at birth of a daughter. So this becomes an opposition to the actions of ahl-e-jahiliyah (pre-Islamic pagans).

Moreover, it is in a hadith, that woman is mubarek who’s first born is a girl

Even in the verse of Holy Quran يهب لمن يشاء اناثا و يهب لمن يشاء الذكور“He gives whom ever he wants (baby) girls and whomever He wishes He gives them boys”, giving priority to females points towards this. That is, having the first-born a girl is better (afdhal).”

Ma’ariful Quran, volume 5, page 344