Khidmat e khalaq & Seclusion

Explaining a verse of Khawajah Hafiz Shirazi ra, Hazrat Hakeemul Ummat Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi ra said:

“Here the instruction is to provide khidmat e khalaq (service to the creation of Allah SWT). This is very much beneficial for the salik.

This is for two reasons;

Firstly, providing service to others requires humility. This is essential for cleansing the soul. And arrogance and narcissism are major barriers in achieving it.

Secondly, providing service to others will comfort them and they will make dua for him. Acceptance of a single sincere dua is sufficient for salik’s salvation.

Sheikh said this in:

طریقت بجز خدمت خلق نیست

بہ تسبیح و سجادہ و دلق نیست

However, it should be remembered that this intermingling with others should not be in excess of what is required for providing this public service. If this happens, then it is against the seclusion required and is harmful for ones soul. Seclusion is essential for a salik.”

Irfan e Hafiz ra, At-Takashuf, page 71

[This seclusion is for strengthening the bond with Allah SWT and safeguarding others from one’s uncivilized ikhlaq (morals).

To achieve this balance, expert advice from one’s Sheikh is indispensable.]