Tasawwuf is Systematic & Structured

Hazrat Shah Wasihullah sahib ra read the following;

انما حرمو الوصول لتضييعهم الاصول (رساله قشيريه)
Abandoning the principles makes it is impossible to reach the goal

And tell us

Tasawwuf is an extremely systematic and structured discipline. It is not what the people consider it to be these days.

یہ  وہ جامہ ہے نہیں جس کا سیدہا الٹا
That is, like a garment that does not have an exterior or an interior surface (meaning that it is totally chaotic).

The traveller on the path of Allah SWT has to be very organized and sharp-witted.”

Halaat e Musleh e Ummat ra, page 279