Khalifa is different from a Sheikh

Maseehul-quloob Hazrat Mawlana Shah Maseehulllah Khan sahib ra said:

“Not every khalifa (licensed/deputy) is a Sheikh. Though he may have been appointed by the ahl-e-haqq.” page 500

“Those who are expert in this field (of tasawwuf) they are the Shuyukh, (plural for Sheikh). Those who do not have this expertise they are the pir (khalifa).” page

“The expert in a field is the one whose mentor (Sheikh) has transmitted that skill from his own heart to him.” page 500 (That is, by prolonged suhba (company), excessive consultation, and both spiritual & physical tarbiyyah in all aspects of life. This leads to the absorbtion of all the states of the Sheikh by the mureed [i.e. the future Sheikh].)

Islah afroze bayanat