Hakeemul Ummat’s waseeyat # 9

9. Do not attach your heart with the world and the worldly, as much as possible.

Never ever be forgetful of the the here-after (akhira).

Live always in such a state that if you were to die at this moment, you do not have any worries for those desires.

لو لا اخرتنى الى اجل قريب فاصدق و اكن من الصالحين

Always consider that this might be the time for me to return (die).

Perpetually ask forgiveness for the sins committed during the day before nightfall and for those committed during the night before dawn.

Fulfill the rights of others (huqooq ul ‘abad) to the best of your ability.

Masir e Hakeem ul Ummat ra, page 485