In Sheikh’s company

20th Ramadhan 1427 (After Asr)

I asked Hadhrat that being for the first time in the company (suhba) of my Sheikh, what should I mostly focus on?

Hadhrat Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) said,

“Previously when someone used to ask me to stay here with me, I used to decline as I used to think that I am busy and I will not be able to give proper time to those who come to stay here with me.

But then a thought came into my heart that who am I to give someone something? Allah swt is the one, Who gives. Hence, now whoever comes with genuine yearning (talb-e-sadiq, I allow him to stay.) He will get benefit, inshaAllah.”

Hadhrat db continued:

“While being in the presence of your Shaykh, if he is talking then listen to him very attentively. If he is not talking then contemplate that a light (noor) is emanating from the heart of my Shaykh and is going into my heart.”

Meraj us Salikeen: Malfoozat Ramadhan 1427.