Prophet said, Follow my Sunna


An essential handbook by Hadhrat Mufti Abdul-Hakeem khalifa of Mufti Mohammad Shafi (may Allah have mercy on them) listing the Sunna to be followed in our daily life.

A must reading for all salikeen.

May Allah, the most merciful, make it easy for us to follow the Sunna in all aspects of our life. Ameen!

1 thought on “Prophet said, Follow my Sunna

  1. True Life

    Asalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah

    Can you tell me, where I can purchase this handbook? Jazak’Allah khairan in advance.

    Was Salam

    wa alaikum as salam

    At Darul Uloom Madinia, Buffalo book store if you are in USA or Azhar Academy if you are in UK. It is freely available in Pakistan at major Islamic bookshops.

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