Embarrassment infront of Shaykh

Many seekers feel embarrassed discussing their sinful conditions with their Shaykh. This should not be the case. Shaykh-disciple relationship is similar to the physician-patient liaison. In both of them it is essential that the disciple or the patient is open, truthful and precise. This an absolute requisite for obtaining any benefit from these relationships.

Hadhrat Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) says,
“This Shaykh-disciple relationship is not an ordinary ritualistic practice. One should have firm conviction and trust in the Shaykh that he is the best person to make the correct diagnosis of my spiritual ailments and considerately prescribe the best treatment for my circumstances.” (Dastoor al-‘amal, 1)

It is arrogant and deceitful to hide one’s real condition from Shaykh.

3 thoughts on “Embarrassment infront of Shaykh

  1. mrkkhattak

    Assalamualaikum wrbr,

    MashAllah. May Allah SWT help us act on it thoroughly.

    The sincerity to this tareeq and self-reformation makes it easy to write every blame worthy moral to the Shaykh. May Allah SWT give us the sincerity Ameen.

  2. 'abd Post author

    The Shaykh knows the real condition of the sinful mureed, just as a physician knows from the condition of the the patient who is non compliant to the treatment and is indulging in the prohibited. However, Shaykh waits for the mureed to admit and ask for help, because only then his advice will be appreciated and used. Otherwise the mureed will disregard and belittle the advice given and progress further towards disaster. Allah save us all from it. Ameen

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