How to protect the eyes from unlawful?

A sincere individual requested advice of our pious elders on how to protect the eyes who have become used to seeing the unlawful.

Following information was compiled,

MashaAllah, you are aware of the problem. That is the most important step towards its elimination. Do not despair.

Ask advice from your Shaykh also. Follow it thoroughly. If you can not be consistent with his recommendation and God-forbid slip, tell that also to the Shaykh. InshaAllah, eventually you will succeed.

Effective things in protecting the eyes that come from our akabir are,
1. Firm determination not to indulge in unlawful.
2. Abstaining from the sources where it may come. Mixed gathering, magazines,
3. Making repentance immediately if you slip.
4. Making it essential on yourself to pray at least 8 units (ra’akat) of nafil as penalty (jurmanah) for each episode.
5. Making lot of suplication. Ask, beg and plead, O Allah! I want to abstain, I am weak, please, give strength in my determination and help me.
6. Asking your Shaykh and other pious Muslims for prayers (dua).
7. Never give up.
8. Effectively managing your time, so there is no waste of it in useless or sinful. For this a practical daily time table is essential.
9. Being consistent with your daily wird as prescribed by the Shaykh.

May Allah give me and you the tawfiq of abstaining from all that is sinful and make us His true slave . Ameen

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  1. mrkkhattak

    MashaAllah, this list is very useful. It summarizes the teaching of our beloved Rasool SAW and akabir in a very clear way.

    May Allah SWT help us act on them. Ameen

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