Stop indulging in sin!

For treatment of most of the spiritual maladies Hadhrat Nawab Eshrat ‘Ali Khan Qaiser (may Allah preserve him) usually recommends,

“To make an intentional effort in suppressing the desire of indulging in sin using one’s determination and abstaining from it completely.”

If a seeker does not do this, that is, make an intentional effort using his determination all other things (dhikr, shugal, etc.) will fail. Therefore, this enforcement of one’s determination and volition, which is the real treatment, should never be abandoned in hope of acquiring some magic remedy that will cause us to stop sinning by itself without making any effort at all on our part. (Because this is impossible).

Halat e Eshrat wa maktubat e Masih al-Umma, page 55

This is the essential (fardh) struggle (mujahida) for a seeker!

1 thought on “Stop indulging in sin!

  1. iqadeer

    Assalamu ‘Allaikum Akhi,

    Jazak Allah as always for such precious advice.
    I wanted to seek your opinion on an issue. Is it OK to make jokes about a non Muslim behind his or her back? Some people were making fun of a person (non Muslim) at work about her personality and I also made a few inappropriate comments but then later regretted. Will it be counted as ghiba also? Jazak Allah.

    Abd: I am not a scholar or a mufti. I am sure that all human beings (including non-Muslims) have rights as per Islamic Shariah. I guess it will be inappropriate to make fun of them, especially if we take in to consideration that it might establish a negative view of Muslims and Islam if he finds it out.

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