Unsuccessful effort

An individual wrote,

“Before falling into a sinful act I try my best to avoid it by using my determination and supplicating to Allah for help. However, if God-forbid, the sin is committed I have this disheartening feeling that all the effort done to avoid the sin was wasted.”

Hadhrat Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) replied,

“Supplications are never wasted. The feeling of remorse and repentance being felt after the mistake is its effect. No one knows what reward this feeling of guilt and penitence may bring?

Therefore, neither be disheartened nor abandon the effort and supplication.

However, this is the time to renew the determination (to avoid sinful) and make prayers for being steadfast in doing so.

When a clothing is soiled we wash it. However, if it is again soiled, even after extreme care not to do so, will we abandon the cleaning thinking that this is a wasteful activity?”

Islahi Khutoot, ‘amaal