Ramadhan al-kareem

Sayyedina Salman al-Farisi (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Prophet (Allah’s blessing and peace be on him) delivered a Khutbah on the last day of Sh’aban saying:

“O people: You are about to enter the shadow of a great blessed month.

A night therein is better than a thousand months.

Allah made fasting during this month an obligation and encouraged people to perform extra prayers during its nights.

Seeking nearness to Allah through a good deed would be considered like performing an obligatory act of worship.

In turn, performance of an obligatory act of worship during this month would be rewarded seventy times more than during any other month.

It is the month of patience, and the reward for patience is Jannah.

It is the month of comforting others, and the month during which believers would enjoy plentifulness.

The Prophet (Allah’s blessing and peace be on him) went on to say:” Make sure you frequently do four things, two of which would please your Lord and the other two are indispensable for your salvation in the Hereafter.

As for the two things that would please your Lord, they are: testifying to the oneness of Allah and seeking repentance.

And the other two are: asking Allah the favor of entering Jannah and seeking refuge in Him from the Hell Fire.”

(Ibn Khuzaima)

O Allah! Please, give us all the blessings of this month.

We acknowledge that we don’t deserve them, but we are, for sure, in need of them indeed.

Please, ignore our faults. With Your infinite mercy bless us with all the good it contains.

Overall make it a means for us in achieving Your love and Your beloved’s (Allah’s blessing and peace be on him).


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  1. True Life

    Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah,

    Ramadhan Mubarak! May Allah Azza Wa Jal accept us and our families… and make this blessed month the cause for our Nijaat.


    Was Salam

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