Allah’s proximity

1555213989_6bcf6902eb_m.jpg Hakim al-Umma Mawlana Ashraf ‘Ali Thanawi (may Allah have mercy on him) writes,

و قال في ايات اخر, و كان الله بكل شئ محيطا و ان ربى بما يعملون محيط و ان ربك احاط باالناس و احاط بما لديهم

All of these verses verify the truth of the statement of those scholars and sufis who said that Allah is everywhere; however, we are not aware of the exact nature (kayfiyet) of this encompassment.  These people acknowledge this encompassment in person (dhatiyah), not the encompassment by attributes (sifatiyah) only, as the people of outward knowledge (ahle dhahir) admit.

Taied al-haqiqah bil Ayat al-‘atiqah. Book on margins (hashiya) of Haqiqat at-Tariqa, At-takashuf, page 256

1 thought on “Allah’s proximity

  1. Bilal Malik


    Dear Brother:

    Could you please clarify who “These people” is being referred to in your post?

    And also who are the ahle dhahir?

    May Allah reward you and those you love for one of the top blogs, Ashrafiya.


    “These people” are realized sufis and scholars.
    And “ahle dhahir” or ahl-e-zahir are the relgious scholars who negate and/or neglect importance of “batin” (rectification of the inner self leading to ‘ihsan’, i.e. being actively cognizant of Allah SWT all the time, not only in knowlege but by experience) and focus on the outward literal knowledge alone. True sufis and scholars are in contrast “ahle batin“.

    muhtaj e dua

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