Hadhrat Hashmat Ali رحمة الله عليه

It is sad to know that a Hadhrat Hashmat Ali passed away tonight in Karachi, Pakistan.

Hadhrat was a murid of Hakim al-Umma Hadhrat Mawlana Ashraf ‘Ali Thanawi, who placed him under the supervision of Hadhrat Khawaja Aziz al-Hassan majzoob (may Allah have mercy on them) for his spiritual training (islah).

Hadhrat Hashmat ‘Ali migrated to the blessed city of Medinah in 1960s and stayed there till few years back when due to extreme old age and wife’s illness he had to return to Karachi for her treatment. In Prophet’s mosque it was remarkable to see Hadhrat sitting directly in front of blessed rawdha (mawajah sharif) amidst the crowd of pilgrims. Guards, known for their rudeness, seldom bothered him.

It is interesting to note that after Hakim al-Umma’s death in order to complete his sulook he had reaffirmed his pledge (baya) with Hadhrat Mawlana Abdul-Ghafur Madani Naqshbandi-mujaddidi (may Allah have mercy on him).  Most probably he was given permission to initiate others also but seldom did so.

It is fascinating to know that Hadhrat’s initial pledge was also with a Naqshbandi shaykh in India. However, when it was evident that this was not the perfect selection he left him immediately. On a question regarding this he told that Mawlana Essa Illahabadi (may Allah have mercy on him, author of Infas e Essa), a senior khalifa of Hakim al-Umma was his teacher. He was aware of his extreme yearning and search for a Shaykh, when he found out that I have already selected one, he very gently told me in private that the person I selected was a pious man indeed but he lacked the essentials needed to be a Shaykh and guide others. To be pious is different from being a guide.

Answering to a question that why did he change his tariqa (that is, from being a Chishti he became a Naqshbandi) he said that the goal in this journey (tareeq and sulook) was to attain Allah’s pleasure by whatever established way (tariqa) it was within one’s means. Placing undue importance on a particular tariqa wass grossly inappropriate.

Passing away of pious elders like Hadhrat Hashmat Ali is a reminder to all of us to benefit from similar sources as soon as possible.

May Allah shower His special mercy, kindness and blessings on the departed soul and give exemplary patience to the family and friends. Ameen!

Please try to make some esal e thawab. JazakAllah!