Reveal the diseases to the Shaykh

The seeker must show his hidden diseases to the Shaykh, and disclose to him their reality so that he can cure them.

If the seeker has diseases and does not show them, openly or secretly, to his Shaykh, then the latter will not cure him of these diseases, even if he is aware of them. The reason for this is that a physician only treats about which the patient complains.

Having said that, none of the defects of the seeker is lost on the Shaykh, even though he only treats that which the seeker reveals. 

The Adab of the True Seeker, page 29-30

This is one of the reasons why regular communication with the Shaykh is essential. The seeker informs him of the various real life incidents and scenarios where a moral disease is suspected to have played a role. Shaykh then makes the diagnosis and prescribes a treatment. This is the reality of the written self-reformation correspondence (islahi makatabet) between the murid and the Shaykh is Ashrafiya path.