The Shaykh:Tawheed e matlub

Shaykh Buzaydi (may Allah have mercy on him) wrote,

“When a seeker takes a perfect Shaykh, it is proper manner (adab) not to turn to any other Shaykh, no matter who he may be. If he does turn to someone else then he will never benefit, nor will he ever gain anything even if he takes on a thousand perfected Shaykh, due to his lack of sincerity and trueness.”

The adab of the true seeker, page 64

This is the reason why Ashrafiya stresses so much on being 100% sure before you commit and make baya’.

This is not to be taken lightly.

Before you commit,

Do research.

Visit many Shuykuh.

Communicate with them both in public and private.

Make lot of supplication.

Consult the spiritually mature and more knowledgeable.

Make istikhara.

Then only commit.

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