Changing tariqa


A sincere brother, who is already affiliated to a genuine Shaykh, inquired regarding his desires to change his tariqa.

By the barakah of sayyidi wa sanadi Hadhrat Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) following reply was sent,

“It is highly discouraged to change one’s tariqa without a genuine reason.

Changing tariqa will just reinforce your lower self (nafs).  Your nafs wants to derail you by whatever means possible. For some it does so by making them do sins and for others it is by involving them in less important or lower level permissible activities.

You always have to remain suspicious about your own nafs. Today it is creating doubts about this tariqa, tomorrow it will raise suspicions regarding Ashrafiya tariq.

So beware!”


Reasons for changing tariqa

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