The tricks of Shaytaan


1. The first thing Shaytaan does is, he takes out the importance of obedience out of us and puts the importance of the  worldly issues (dunya) within us.

2. The second thing he does is to makes us delay and procrastinate the good actions for now. Like praying in congregation at the appropriate time, abandon following of Sunnah till old age,  not acquiring company of pious, and not making immediate repentance (taubah) etc.

3. The third thing he does is that he makes us rush through all good deeds. That may lead to abandoning the essential (wajibat), Prophetic practice (sunna) and desired (mustahibat) components required.

4. The fourth level of his trickery is that he puts ostentation (riyaa’) in the actions being done.

5. The fifth level trickery is that he puts vanity (‘ujb) in us. That is self admiration for the actions already accomplished.

6. The sixth level of Shaytaan’s trickery is that he injects us with the poison of doing things for fame (hubb e jah). That is for the approval and admiration of other people.

7. The seventh level of his trickery is to maximize our self admiration to a level that we start looking down on others.  This is arrogance (kibr) – the mother of all spiritual maladies (umm al-amradh).

May Allah save us from these deceptions of Shaytaan.  Amin!

Adapted from An-Noor