Basis of & wisdom behind the Shariah rulings


It was early Friday morning. The streets of downtown Jeddah were deserted. The car was traveling at the maximum speed allowed. However, it had to stop at all the red traffic lights for one or two vehicles to pass by and then continue towards Makkah e mukarramah expressway.

Sayyidi wa sanadi Shaykh Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) reminded us of this situation and said that this scenario brings to his mind the issue of basis (illat) and the wisdom (hikmet) of rules and regulations. That is, there is wisdom behind all rules but observance of it is not contingent on this benefit. The order of regulatory authorities prevails. In our situation the rule is to stop at the red traffic light allowing other vehicles to pass until it turns green and the wisdom of this is to avoid accidents. Even if there are no other vehicles around it is necessary to stop at a red traffic light and whoever violates this law will be charged and fined.

Similarly, Shariah is the Divine law. There is wisdom behind most of these rulings. However, obedience to these regulations is not dependent on their perception.

 For example it is mentioned in the Holy Quran that,

“Satan wishes only to plant enmity and malice between you through wine and gambling, and to prevent you from the remembrance of Allah and from Salāh. Would you, then, abstain?” 5:91

The Shariah ruling is that drinking wine and gambling are unlawful (haram).  Some of the wisdom for this rulings are mentioned in these verses. However, even if an individual claims that indulgence in these activities does not prevent him from the remembrance of Allah and prayers it would not make drinking intoxicants and gambling legitimate (halal) for him.

Nowadays there is lot of confusion is this regards.

This has to be engrained vividly in our minds. That is, the rulings of Shariah are to be observed irrespective of the wisdom and benefits behind them. They are the orders of Supreme Authority.

Friday, 23 Jamadi al-awal 1429/27 June 2008, Jeddah to Makkah

This is absolutely in concurrence with slavehood (abdiyet).

The supreme station an individual can attain.