How to recite the daily tasbihat? Part 1


Senior khalifa of Mufti Mohammad Shafi and Shaykh Dr Hafeezullah Madni (may Allah have mercy on them) and sayyidi wa sanadi’s outsatnding student Mawlana Abdur-Rauf Sukkharvi (may Allah preserve him) instructs the muridin,

Start with the repentance (isteghfar) with the intention,

O Allah! I am Your sinful and disobedient slave.

There is none except You who can forgive me and grant me salvation.

Therefore, in order to ask forgiveness for all of my shortcomings I repent.

Then with full concentration recite;

استغفرالله ربى من كل ذنب و اتوب اليه

Rozana kay ma’moolat, page 7