Darul Uloom is a khanqah these days!

All praise is for Allah, Most High.
These days Dar ul Uloom, Karachi is a spiritual lodge (khanqah/zawiya).
Spiritual aspirants from various places around the world have flocked together to avail the blessings of Ramadhan in the blissful company of their Shaykh.

Almost two hundred individuals are performing the sunna seclusion (e’itikaf) in Dar ul Uloom’s mosque.

Sayyidi wa sanadi
Hadhrat Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) holds a daily session after zuhar prayers for the spiritual aspirants. These discourses are providing the essential knowledge of tasawwuf for the seekers. The reality of sincerity (ikhlas), presence of mind/heart in worship(khushu’), and the method of tazikiya are some of the topics that have been discussed so far.

Thereafter, muridin gather in his office to be in his blessed company till the asr prayers. There they listen to the advise, observe the attitude and absorb the spiritual states of their Shaykh. MashaAllah!

May Allah make this beneficial for all of us. And, inshaAllah, this supplication be accepted


سلامت تیرا میخانہ، سلامت تیرے مستانے

رہے گا رنگ عالم میں یہی تا یوم دیں ساقی

مجذوب رح