Levels of Negligence

Hakim al-Umma Hadhrat Mawlana Shah Ashraf Ali Thanawi (may Allah have mercy on him) said,

“It is in “Fawaidul fawad” (malfuzatof Hazrat Mehboob e Ilahi Khawajah Nizamuddin Awliya Chishti ra) that, salik is he who travels on the path (of sulook). Waqef واقف is the one who is stuck in the middle

If a salik is negligent in his worship but quickly repents, ask (Allah’s) forgiveness and resumes his duties actively he becomes a salik again. However, God-forbid, if he continues to be negligent chance are that he may be turned off راجع

There are seven levels of negligence in this path (sulook).

First is اعراض dodging Allah’s commands

If one does not repent humbly he proceeds to حجاب the creation of a barrier between him & Allah

If he persists this leads to تفاصل increasing separation between him & Allah

If he does not repent even now, the additional state of enthusiasm ذوق و شوق)) in acts of devotion is taken away. This is سلب مزید removal of additional states

If he continues in his foolish ways the comfort and pleasure that were present even before the additional state of enthusiasm are also taken away. This is called سلب قدیم removal of original states

Not repenting and correcting his behavior at this stages leads to an agreement of heart on separation (from Allah). This is called تسلی agreement on separation between him & Allah

If the same negligence continues the love (of Allah) is replaced by عداوت hatred

We seek Allah’s refuge from them all.”

Taleem ud Deen, page 113-4, Taj Co. edition. (An essential reading in Nisab e Tasawwuf)