Setting Priorities

Giving initial instructions to a novice murid, sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) wrote;

For future from now on, make special effort for the following;

1. Try your best to abstain from all sins, especially those of eyes, tongue and ears/hearing.
2. Refrain from useless (fazool) and petty (laya’ni) activities.
3. Read from Hakeemul Ummat ra’s discourses (mawaiz) or instructive utterances (malfuzat) daily as per your convenience. Even if its one page daily.

With these acts, if you have enough time, add following three tasbihats to your daily routine;
1. SubhnaAllah wa bihamdhihi subhanAllah il azeem
2. Third kalimah; SubhnaAllah walhumdulillah walaillaha il Allah o wAllaho akber
3. Salutations on the Prophet (Allah blees him and give him peace) Durood shareef

All of them 100 time each. Preferentially they should be recited after fajer or (if not possible then) after isha. Otherwise, recite them whenever you get a chance.

Islahi khutoot