The fundamental principles




Understanding these principles thoroughly will remove all the confusion, doubts and abstruseness regarding the spiritual path.

1.  The demands of the religion should be given preference over worldly benefits.

2. The intellect should always remain subservient to the Divine Law (Shariah).

3.  Do not to be negligent in volitional (ikhteyari) actions (that is, within one’s determination and control)[e.g. essential daily worship, recitations, wird, etc.]. Similarly, do not be in pursuit of things that are beyond one’s control (ghair-ikhteyari)[e.g. spiritual states, dreams, uneveiling, etc.].

4.  Abandon all your own planning and schemes (tajwiz), delegate (tafwidh) all this to Allah.

5.  Keep focused on the goals of Shariah and not to be distracted by other things.

6. Consider spiritual states (kayfiyat-e-batiniyah) to be a good and desired phenomenon but do not regard them as the primary goal and objective  of the path.

7.  Do not to be overwhelmed by emotional factors and desires. Act as per the verdict of intellect and remember to keep it subservient to Shariah at all the times.

Ma-asir e Hakim al-Umma ra, page 166