Hold firm to Sunna in these times


من تمسک بسنتی عند فساد امتی فلہ اجر مائـۃ شہید

Explaining this Prophetic saying Shaykh Shah Wasiullah quotes Mulla ‘Ali Qari (may Allah have mercy on them) that,

“Whoever practices (‘aml) on my Sunna during the period of the affliction of my Ummah, that is when innovations (bida), ignorance (jahl) and lack of action (fisq) are rampant, will receive the reward equivalent to that of hundred martyrs.

It is of interest to note that bida has been given precedence over ignorance and lack of action when defining the distinguishing characteristics of that era.

Elucidating on this point, it is mentioned that,

Ignorance is the absence of knowledge.
Fisq is absence of action in spite of knowledge.
Whereas, in bida there is both knowledge and action, but the knowledge is of incorrect assumptions and actions are in opposition to the Sunna. They principally fulfill one’s own desires.

This is the reason that bida is deemed a greater problem than the ignorance and the laziness.

It is very difficult to get out of bida, indeed.

It is only possible through the blessings of overwhelming and firmly rooted love of Allah, His Messenger (Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him), his Sunna and the Divine law (Shariah) in one’s heart that one abandons innovations (bida).

Adapted from: Tamasuk bi-Sunna, Mujmua’ talifat e muslih al-Umma, volume 1

O Allah!
Please, give us the clear understanding of deen and

save us from all kinds if bida, ignorance and fisq.

Amin bi jah e sayyid al-mursaleen.